Driving Training Simulators

A large number of accidents happen on the road. A significant proportion of these accidents can be attributed to incorrect driving behavior, inadequate road knowledge and poor response to road settings and signs. If these deficiencies are to be corrected it would be necessary to impart better training to new drivers taking driving lessons.

With proper training one can become an accomplished driver. The training can be imparted straightaway on road or can be imparted by driving simulators. The simulator however, has several advantages over the traditional method of driving on the road.

In a car simulator, a computer stores a wide range of data which can simulate almost any of the different road scenarios for you to face and react. In the present versions of the simulators a virtual 3D map is presented to the trainee. The map includes many outdoor scenes:

  • A highway
  • City intersections
  • A parking lot
  • A valley in foggy weather
  • A dark tunnel
  • Road with icy patches , snowbound or in rainy weather
  • A winding road with falling obstacles.

After working with the simulators for a few minutes the mistakes made by you are reflected on the screen. You can then repeat that part of the program and keep on doing so till perfection. The driving simulator teaches you many skills required for driving a vehicle. By repeated practice, such skills get embedded in you. In the traditional method, you need much longer hours of training to acquire these skills depending on traffic conditions on the road. The skills that a simulator can enable you to develop are:

  • Starting a car using the right gear
  • Accelerating, slowing down and braking
  • Turning and reversing using car indicators and rear -view mirror
  • Knowledge of road signs and traffic signals
  • Parking maneuvers
  • Training may consist of parking with a boat trailer attached to the car
  • Interacting with other motorists on the road – Road etiquette
  • Overtaking a moving vehicle
  • Maintaining a steady good and safe speed
  • Merging on a highway
  • Driving , turning and reversing
  • Driving on an icy road with snow or rainfall.
  • Manipulating the vehicle in a road block with moving obstacles.

Training with simulator gives you other advantages too. It entails saving on gas because there is simply no real car involved in the entire exercise. Also, during the exercise, the basics of economical driving can be grasped. The trainee can learn to drive a car in a manner which would make an optimum use of gas.

There is no question of any real accident and consequent damage to any car. Damage to a car with a learner behind the wheel is not uncommon. If the car is specially insured for training purposes, a hefty premium may have to be paid. In the virtual training program this money is saved.

Several people aspire for vehicle driving training for the sake of driving. They are people who are only concerned about their car and their personal welfare. They do not want to educate themselves about the rules and regulations of the road. This is the reason why there are numerous highway penalties. These are the people who had not been properly trained to treat driving as a safe exercise with concern for themselves and the others. Improper training can be the reasons for such behavior on road.

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