Online Game Cheats

Games like Farmville are fun to play without taking advantage of its glitches, many players love to find ways to use the game’s code against it in order to get ahead. Some call this cheating, but others call it having fun with the game. Some of these Farmville cheats only work in certain situations, depending on what browser you’re using, when the neighbor started their farm, or whether and when Zynga figured out the glitch and fixed it. Many of these Farmville cheats are well-known.

Keep Tabs on the Neighbors
If you’d like to know what your neighbors in Farmville are up to and how they’re doing, first select a neighbor and go to his or her farm. Drag one of the crops on the farm underneath the blue “Home” button at the bottom right of the screen, then slowly drag the mouse up until the crop is on top of the button. Wait until both the button and the crop turn yellow, then click, and you should be able to see your neighbor’s growth percentage.

Farmville Cheats – Hay Bale Trick
In order to save time, every time you stop playing you should position your farmer where he or she needs to be to plant or harvest when you begin the game next. Then, trap the farmer with hay bales on all four sides and log out. When you come back, your farmer will still be there, and you won’t have to spend so much time going from your farm out to the field.

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