Patent – The Protection for Your Product

Practice of wholesale business is somewhat same for all but a little bit different for the inventor. If you have hit upon an idea that is novel and different from the existing ones and you have converted it into a product, you must get a “patent” for that to secure it and to make money from it by getting special rights to manufacture it or to sell its manufacturing rights ahead. If patent is completely a new thing for you, you must understand it completely. Patent knowledge is also necessary as there can be a chance that you won’t have resources to manufacture that specific product at large scale.

One misconception must be sorted out that ideas are not patentable; it’s the application of the idea that is patentable. For example, if you have thought to produce a toy car that will work on solar energy then this is not patented, unless you have made a toy car which runs on solar energy. It is so because later thing is an application of the idea and previous thing was just an idea. Patent is not a permission to manufacture and sell products as manufacturers want; it is a protection for the owner against the illegal or unauthorized use of his invention. Therefore, it enhances the competitive advantage of the owner regarding product and increases his business benefits as was very well explained in this article¬†

First thing that will come in everyone’s mind is that invention is somewhat synonymous to scientific or mathematical matters but it is not true. Although in wholesale business world, it seems quite difficult to generate a novel idea and then practically bring it to the world. But it does not mean that wholesalers can not generate any such thing that can be patented. Look around you and you will surely find hundreds of such things that can be improved. And once you have worked on it and developed something that is new and unobvious for the world, you will understand the concept of patent. For example, you are working in household products, you visit the market, observe the hot selling products and the problems associated with them. Identify how you can improve them and once you come up with novel product, it can be your innovation.

Patent laws vary from country to country but on the whole there are few generally accepted types of patents that can be useful by wholesalers like:

  • Utility Patents: These patents can be awarded to anyone who innovates, invents or discover any useful process, machines and parts of machine that can improve the working.
  • Design Patents: Design patents are granted to the person who invents, innovates or discover an original ornament design for the manufacturing process.

Once you have been granted a patent, it is your obligation to label your product with the patent number and the date of issue to protect your invention. Usually patents are issued for 20 years. You can find many more tips and info like this on