Questions to Ask a Patent Attorney During a Meeting

When people have certain valuable properties, they will likely do something to ensure that they can protect that property to the best of their ability. Many people get insurance on or work to protect things that they own such as their car, home or other valuables. However, there are other types of properties that need to be protected as well, such as intellectually property.

If you have the idea for something or have created something, it is important that you protect it so that no one else can steal it from you. This is why people get invention patents to protect their ideas and creation. When you get a patent you submit an application to the federal government. If you are granted a patent, then the government will publish a description of the invention in a patent disclosure so that no one else can steal your invention or creation. The patent process is extremely complex and difficult to navigate which is why people will hire a patent attorney to help them with the process as discussed at

However when you hire a patent attorney you will want to make sure that you ask your patent attorney as many questions as possible when you are together to make sure you are fully aware of what is going on with this very important and complex process. There are a few basic questions that you should always ask during a meeting.In order to get the most of this meeting make sure to write out different questions that pertain to their expertise. Ask if there are any specific areas of patent law that they specialize in. Some patent attorneys will specialize in certain areas while others will be more general in their patent experience. Make sure you know that they at least have some experience in patents similar to the one you want to have filed. Ask questions about previous patents they’ve written as well as the success that they have seen with those patents and if any have ever been overturned. It is very well explained at

You will also want to ask about their education and whether or not they have passed the patent bar exam. Ask them if they have any additional certifications that will make them better able to provide you with quality patent services. Ask about previous patents and if any of those patents were overturned or challenged. They should be able to let you know how many patents they have written in the past and what type of patents that they were. You will also need to ask them about fees and overall cost. Ask not only about hourly fees, but additional fees and retainers as well. The more questions you can ask the better and the better chance you will have to feel comfortable with your patent attorney.