The Rap Violence Affair

Rap music is almost 30 years now. Before we know it, the “young thing” that turned 21 in the beginning of this millennium, will enter adulthood. Some of the questions that arise are like: have the maturity of time and the maturity in music also affected the Rap lifestyle? Has the rap-life and living improved and elevated? Or are the same stories prevalent even today?

Many years back, block parties increase the popularity of rap music and then came the Gagsta-rap. So, predominantly they reflected the violent lifestyle of the inner circle American black youth.

Even as late as 2000, violence and rap continued to stay connected. And with the excessive involvement of Media to bring forth “reports” we never missed out on the number of stories. The conflicts between competitor-record labels (Hunters Point) hit the charts while on the other hand the stab-attacks on people in Boston at Cash Money- Ruff Ryders show. The year also saw the riot that ended the Oakland Coliseum Cash Money show even before the performers could take to the stage. Then, there were other days that saw controversies like Puffy’s ride with Jennifer Lopez after a nightclub shoot-out and storms surrounding ace basketball player Allen Iverson’s homophobic and misogynist lyrics.

Every Rapper doing “well” seemed to be encircled with legal cases all the time. Eminem was arrested for issues with estranged wife while Napster was sued for rap issues… all these cases seem to take “battle rapping” to a whole new level. Rappers had to face battle in the law courts!

So, that brings us to today. What do we see today?

T.I. and DMX go to jail just as Lil Wayne is released; Ja Rule goes to prison for 2 years while Yo Gotti turns himself in!

Where are our stars headed?

There have been so many rapper-arrests in the past couple of years; with imprisonment commonly anywhere from 4 months to 2 years. Ironically, most already havecriminal records.

Feb end this year (2011) saw Gucci Mane being committed to the mental institution, claiming “mental incompetence”.This really took things to an all new level.

Do you have to be ‘touched in the head’ to charm your listeners? Is that the real secret of the new rap songs that we hear? Somehow, this is hard to accept and livewith.

It just leaves one wondering, how long will this inappropriate affair go on? Is it most certainly time for a break-up.

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