What Are The Types of Saxophones One Can Get?

There are many different types of saxophones although people are not aware of this. This is a brass made conical instrument that is a part of the woodwind family. A reed mouthpiece is used when playing, just like with a clarinet. The saxophone patent was filed as fourteen instruments that were divided into 2 groups. There is a lot of variation present. A saxophone can vary from 15 centimeters to as much as 2 meters. In most cases the types of saxophones that are used are alto, soprano, baritone and tenor with alto as the most popular one.

An alto saxophone is perfect for the beginner and it is medium sized. It will include a small mouthpiece that will not allow sound personalization and is curbed. This is a saxophone that is really popular among composers of classical music and performers. Sometimes it will also come as a straight model that includes a tipped bell. Alto saxophones are made in the E flat key and there is also the possibility to find a true tone alto instrument.

The soprano saxophones will be offered in curved or straight models. They are quite tough to learn and a beginner should not try singing. New soprano saxophones have a slight neck curve and are straight. It is also possible to see curves in the bell. The curved sopranos were really popular in the thirties. On the market you are going to find B-flat and E-flat soprano saxophones.

A tenor saxophone will always be larger when compared to the alto one and will feature a small neck bend. All of the important elements (holes, rods and mouthpiece) will be larger and this is a saxophone that is commonly utilized in jazz music. All tenors are in B flat key and some can also be utilized in classical music. The problem is that neck damage can be caused by the length and shape of saxophone.

The largest of all types of saxophones is the baritone one. You can find it without or with a special extension that is attached to the horn’s end. In the event that it will feature that extension, it will be known as Low A Baritone. There are different intonation problems that appear with this saxophone type. This is especially true when thinking about the lowest and highest registers. The latest baritone models will have an extra key that will allow the player to reach low A.

There are also other types of saxophones that you can find but they are rare. This includes F Mezzo soprano, C Melody, Conn-O-Sax, B-flat tenor, B-flat bass, contrabass, E-Flat baritone and C Soprano. Whenever you buy a saxophone, make sure that it is exactly what you are looking for and that it will be suitable for your needs. In addition, only buy from the best possible manufacturers due to the fact that this is going to guarantee that the instrument is of the highest possible quality and that it will last for a long time.